Why HVAC is one of the most desired occupations nowadays

HVAC is an abbreviation that stands for heating, ventilation and air condition. It is a special technology targeted at ensuring indoor or household environmental comfort. It employs engineering principles like heat transfer, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. Its greatest significance goes in designing healthy conditions in buildings like skyscrapers and even proper marine life environment for the case of aquariums. HVACR is another variation of the abbreviation; the R represents refrigeration. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are designed to ensure tolerable temperature levels, appropriate humidity and free air circulation.HVAC technician career.

In a nutshell, a HVAC technician is a specialist in installation of heating, ventilation and air condition. Apart from installation one might choose to specialize in maintenance and repair of the stated systems. Heating systems keep our houses warmer in winter; the weather conditions can be extremely unforgiving without a properly installed and working systems. In winter, the temperatures can rise beyond a tolerable level; that’s when a cooling system is necessary. Air conditioning is necessary to keep fresh air circulating and the humidity at a safe level. The work of an HVAC technician is to ensure this systems are installed and they continue working; this systems are susceptible to breakdowns in winter when the heating systems are continuously working and in summer when cooling is always required.

Depending with your state, becoming an HVAC technician requires you to go through apprenticeship or classroom instructions to gain the precision and formal training required by many employers. Apprenticeship can take up to 3 years and it is usually sponsored by local trade union chapters. Classroom education can be obtained in a technical college or a community college, since the industry is growing, there are lots of training options available – you can check a state-by-state directory compiled by HVW Tech here; the US armed forces also have an HVAC training program.

Below you can find a general outline of how a training programme can look like:

Some states require licensing and what this actually means is that an individual must pass a state licensing written exam; it is therefore imperative to ask your local trade unions about the specific requirements of this lucrative career path.

Why this career?

As per the year 2012, statics indicated that there were 268,000 people employed as HVAC technicians. The job attracts an hourly median wage of $20.98 which eventually hits $43,640 as the median annual salary. It is one field with the most beautiful employee benefits with some employers offering medical and dental insurance cover for their employees’ families; automobile insurance may also be included. Depending with experience, the earnings can escalate to $30.00 in some states. Additionally, HVAC technicians can graduate to become system test and balancing personnel, cost estimators or building superintendents. This is one of the career path you are sure of working all year round; there is job security with no unnecessary fear of recession.Although some people choose to become self-employed, below is a list with notable employment fields for HVACR technicians:

  1. Building contractors.
  2. Hardware and heating equipment suppliers and wholesalers.
  3. Colleges, schools and universities.
  4. Commercial machinery equipment repair companies.

In the field, a technician may meet job demands like overseeing installations, design and install minor wiring systems, link with engineering to design systems that meet the needs of customers and finally to provide customer service and assistance. HVAC technicians constantly meet new people every day with constantly changing tasks; there is no monotony of the boring office cubicle. However, in peak days, employees may be required for long hours that can hit 18hours per day; in winter mostly, customers will be impatient, desperate and panicking to get their houses heated.

Of also great significance about this career field (general situation with modern market is described by Rick Newman) is that it has a great job outlook; analysts claim that it will experience growth in the near future than any other average career path. Being a recession proof career path makes HVAC technician one of the most desired occupations nowadays. The career path requires an individual to be upbeat with the most current and updated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. HVAC systems are constantly redesigned to ensure energy efficiency; this is not only important to the environment but also to buyers for it saves tons and tons of cash. This demands of HVAC technicians to constantly read journals on heating, ventilation, air conditioning refrigeration systems; attending seminars and key note speeches can also be helpful. Nevertheless, this career path has its own demons; the long hours of working and the sometimes hot dangerous conditions in which technicians work can be undesirable.

Why You Should Really like Being a Pharmacy Technician

pharmacy technicianYou’re probably reading this article because you want to have the best career. With this, we can provide you five reasons to take into consideration a pharmacy technician career.

But before other things, you must understand what is the task of a pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technician is an aide who is trained in all clerical, administrative and pharmacy-related services with the administration of a pharmacist. To simplify things, the duty of a pharmacy technician is to help the pharmacist.

The following are the top five reasons why you ought to choose the career of a pharmacy technician are described in the sections below, but you can also refer to OpenFarmTech site for more info.

Finest Career Ladder

Just have a look at the video below:

For the next 10 years, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates that the number of employment for pharmacy technicians will rise. The projection analysis above is based on the increase of the number of older people who will be needing treatments and pharmaceutical services. Moreover, the employment of pharmacy technicians will rise because of the advancements in research in pharmacology.

Enough Wage

Pharmacy techs will truly anticipate that they will acquire high compensations because their academics are very relevant to the health care industry like nursing. The average wage of a pharmacy tech is $11 hourly or $25,986 average pay a year. You can also make money from bonuses, overtime wages, commissions, and other types of monetary earnings.

Training isn’t Hard

Because of their hands-on training, pharmacy techs are not needed to have comprehensive education. In order to have a professional certificate and gain more opportunities, it’s wise for you to finish a secondary pharmacy tech program. Also, when it comes to pharmacy tech certification, obtaining one shouldn’t be a problem as well If you like to avail of pharmacy tech training, you can choose to go to some community colleges and vocational schools.

Flexible Work schedule

Big hospitals and pharmacies work 24/7. Thus, many pharmacy techs can savor the flexibility to select a work schedule that is ideal for them. You can request a special shift if you have some important things to tackle during the day.

The Greatest Career Opportunities

Pharmacy techs sometimes work in various work settings like retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, grocery and department stores, research facilities, local pharmacies, etc. In this way, you will surely have greater opportunities that you have been longing for. In the beginning, you can look for a job in a local drugstore and after you have developed yourself, you can choose to work in a huge hospital.

If you like to become a pharmacist, a nurse or even a medical doctor, you can decide to further your education. Pharmacy can be deemed as a tough branch of medicine for the reason that huge responsibility is associated in this occupation. As a way to compete globally, be sure that you obtain the best hands on experience.